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The 5-Year Millionaire Plan


How does a ‘business teacher’ become an entrepreneur who creates employment, inspirespeople to come out of their comfort zone and live their dreams?

In this book, the author, Ahmed Mottaki, guides the reader through a journey of successful business experience. He decodes the events, the experiences, the circumstances and most importantly, the passion and honest effort that helped the establishment of his successful business venture.

Interestingly, the author offers prospective entrepreneurs and dreamers a business model using the T20 cricket format as a metaphor.

According to Mottaki, the key to success is reframing the mind. It involves a departure from a mentality of scarcity to a mentality of abundance; taking a stance from can't to can do and moving away from the safe but stagnant lives only by taking risks, by discovering one’s own X-Factor, by energizing oneself all the time, and most importantly, by keeping the willpower alive until the dream and mission is achieved.

The book also traces experiences of fast-track millionaires, their success stories and the strategies they adopted to get to where they are today. He believes that growing from zero to $1,000,000,000 (1 billion) is not an unachievable goal as exemplified by creators of Chobani, AirBnB, PayPal, Spanx, Bindiya, Starbucks, Apple, and Microsoft. They all share something in common: The ability to find gaps. Most of them are street smart and can spot the opportunities in a challenging situation; use the fire in the belly to change obsession into passion and ultimately turn this passion into profit.

The book is ultimately about taking risks and achieving a dream. It offers useful strategies to build a business empire and turn your zeros to hundreds to thousands and to become a millionaire. The author of this book decodes the creator’s codes and help aspiring entrepreneurs to build on success.


People suffer from what we call the "Poverty Mind" and "Money Mind". Because of what they DON'T have, people don't do what they plan to do. They generate the idea, but they never take action because of the fear of loss and wanting to be in their comfort zone, but remain envious of the people around them who are financially free.

This book simplifies the code of millionaires and guides how to come out from thinking through their poverty mind and get people into thinking from their business mind


    This is appropriate for would be millionaires.

  • Readers will learn how to acquire the mind of a millionaire.
  • How to start something from zero to millionaire.
  • Millionaire maths and theories.
  • How to plan for five years and managing time.
  • How to remain focused without becoming fatigued.
  • Creative visualization.
  • How to generate an idea.
  • A tool set to work on.
  • Few success stories.
  • How to take mega action and achieve the goals your five-year plan.
  • Get tips from the author on achieving your financial goals.
  • Simple profit-making concept.